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Santa Claus

Santa Claus
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Toy Sunday Theme: Santa Claus

Merry Christmas Flickr Friends! I have so enjoyed your photos this year and hope to be able to participate more next!

Explored: 30 December, 2014; #304
Date: 2014-12-29 08:12:54

Toy Sunday Toy Sunday Theme: Santa Claus Santa Claus Santa Claus St. Nick Father Christmas Jul Tomte Wooden Candle Wax Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Figure Playmobil Danish Denmark Vintage Lego Smoking Santa Holbøll

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hope you are having a great holiday xx
Hurry Up Miss Jane 2014-12-29 08:47:34
Awesome!!!'!!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too Dear!!!!!
Kewty-pie 2014-12-29 08:56:07
so THRILLED you could make a Holiday appearance....what a wonderful GIFT....yes yes more of you!!!!! Merry Merry Christmas and a Very Happy Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
raining rita 2014-12-29 08:58:40
Mommy, which one is the REAL Santa Claus????
raining rita 2014-12-29 08:59:35
LOVE this photo! Happy Everything :)
wonderwizzy 2014-12-29 09:43:40
A very Santa, Santa theme picture, Very neat!
May you have a Very flickr 2015!
Hmm..... 2014-12-29 10:10:58
You sweet girl, Kirsten. :-) What a wonderful group!!! Love you!
Hannhell 2014-12-29 13:17:23
I really hope you can find more time to spend here. You have truly been missed.
Mister Mushroom 2014-12-29 13:50:23
I love the ones with red noses :)
Mister Mushroom 2014-12-29 13:52:16
Great collection and love the sparkles in the background.
Foxy Belle 2014-12-29 19:25:42
Great collection of Santas! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Studio Dream Planet 2014-12-29 20:24:33
This is most excellent! I have missed your colourful and fun images. Looking forward to seeing more of them next year! :-)
Jak5Bale 2014-12-29 22:44:26
I am amazed by this wonderfully arranged image that I found in the Creative Tabletop Photography Group at
splendid fork 2014-12-30 00:04:25
Fabulous lineup! I know which one is the real Santa. =0)
teekeek 2014-12-30 01:50:55
Super shot! Congratulations on Explore!
CameliaTWU 2014-12-30 11:35:34
Oh how lovely!
Toypincher 2014-12-30 14:35:49
What a lovely Christmas-feeling!
Figure Focus 2014-12-30 18:28:15
Congratulations with EXPLORE !!!! Beautiful Album Composed. Season's Greetings from The Prairies. Blessings to Your Household for 2015
Mr. Happy Face - Peace :) 2014-12-30 21:45:44
Sweet and funny !

Have a happy 2015 !
Colliefan 2014-12-30 23:04:47
Awesome! Keep up the good work.
le cabri 2014-12-31 02:45:51
So sweet ... a lovely collection:)
Congrats on Explore - Happy New Year!
Falcon JKF 2014-12-31 07:13:46
Congrats on Explore!
Happy New Year!
Blanca Rosa2008 +4,000,000 Views Thanks to All 2014-12-31 07:38:54
mirtha_bustios 2014-12-31 08:35:36
[] I hope so, too! The two with the red noses are fun. I found the one on the far right amongst my mother's things when I was packing up the house so it could be sold at the beginning of December. It was in a box with a few other ornaments from my grandmother's house, so it is is extra special. I was looking for a chance to show it off and the Toy Sunday theme provided the perfect opportunity.
Gnome Girl! 2014-12-31 18:14:08
[] PS The candle dude on the far left is from Toypincher :-)
Gnome Girl! 2014-12-31 18:15:02
[] I count 3 with red noses. The small guy with the mug looks like a member of the Raggedy clan (but he isn't).
Mister Mushroom 2015-01-02 02:50:41
[] Ha! Funny that I just so happen to have two of these . . .
Gnome Girl! 2015-01-03 18:22:47
[] My, how very interesting!

Did you see the private messages I sent several days ago?
Mister Mushroom 2015-01-03 22:25:17
gnomeing it
mbv331 2017-02-12 11:17:33

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