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Thrifting. 100_9492 (2)

Thrifting.     100_9492 (2)
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I have been being very good about avoiding thrift stores for a good while. But i was passing a consignment store in my area yesterday. I pass it most every week, think about it say NO in my mind and move on. Haha. Not this time. I felt stronger about going in. (Maybe my thrifting sense? Haha.) I'm glad I did. I found all of these except the wooden maiden there. I found her a while back else where. The other six cost me less then $10.00 A good non thrift store bargain.
The Bunny on the right is a Calico Critter/ Sylvania family. The other two I don't know the brand. I already have a bunny like the one on the left, but not clothed. very nice clothes too. I'm guessing the one in the middle is a fox? Very good finds.
The three on top are world Star: Odyssey toys. I have others of this line. But I have never found them still in the packages.
I'm glad I gave into temptation. : ) : )
Date: 2019-01-10 06:18:14

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Nice!! Sylvanian Families are adorable ❤
wagerry2 2019-01-10 08:13:37
Congrats on your finds! It's always great to make a good deal and finding discontinued toys still in their packaging is just plain awesome! I have never seen figures like the bunny on the left and the fox in the middle. Maybe a brand trying to imitate Sylvanian Families? They look cute.
Studio Dream Planet 2019-01-10 10:23:32
wow Charles, you have all lucky stars when going thrifting. I love calico critters, and these Odyssey toys are amazing, and totally in the packaging. aww, the little gnome girl, so very sweet! A lovey score you share with us, congratulations. ; D
sugarelf 2019-01-13 02:16:10
Cute finds!
Are you going to keep those people in their packages or do they want to come out and play?
spih_2 2019-01-14 07:56:52

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