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Date: 2009-01-23 10:49:25

melissa model portrait girl car toy wooden rain puddle fog reflection winter

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i really like this. great job.
nonstop letter 2009-01-23 06:26:32
great tones. lovely shot.
Ethan Fortes 2009-01-23 06:26:37
incredible calculator 2009-01-23 06:26:52
lovely picture
anotherjanedoe 2009-01-23 06:29:13
I like the title... it reminds me to a movie I love "findin Neverland" :) great dialogue... hehe

anyway... nice photo and concepts... very well seen that puddle! who says you can't go out to take photos when raining? :)
..emmaespejo.. 2009-01-23 06:30:48
oh my gosh.
wonderful, i'm in love with the background
SaraCrowe?! 2009-01-23 06:31:03
Iranian Roseate ... 2009-01-23 06:38:11
Colette Rochelle 2009-01-23 06:48:25
this is so amazing.
connerdowney 2009-01-23 06:57:23
This is a very sweet photo.
Given2beauty 2009-01-23 07:03:06
great shot!
well done my friend! :-)
exclusive horse 2009-01-23 07:08:13
this is great
Alek Fisher | Resonance Photographs 2009-01-23 07:13:21
so lovely
Love, Loren 2009-01-23 07:16:06
Hi, I'm an admin for a group called AZH: Photo of the Day, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
mcmortygreen 2009-01-23 07:17:12
Perfect shot!
Justin Wllms 2009-01-23 07:31:53
wow. (:
Mtcv 2009-01-23 07:37:59
hey, lookie there, what a cute model you have!
Melissa.Photography. 2009-01-23 07:38:26
the lighting and background are truly superb.
the half-blood prince 2009-01-23 07:45:46
oh, this is wonderful.
sophie pellegrini 2009-01-23 07:49:18
So beautiful, love these tones.
Julia (old stream) 2009-01-23 07:52:46
simple but greatt
Chelzilla 2009-01-23 08:17:07
beautiful composition
Fr Antunes 2009-01-23 08:30:29
wow beautiful
chivalrous test 2009-01-23 10:33:48
this is so amazing.
It's really lonely, to me at least.
Great shot :)
a wild wallflower 2009-01-23 11:25:02
the in this picture is just amazing, and love the setting too:)
priska febrinia 2009-01-23 11:31:24
this is incredible
Anna Ristuccia 2009-01-23 11:50:55
PJ Taylor Photo 2009-01-23 13:27:26
Ohhhhhhhh... Words aren't coming, just emotion.
I'ts really, absolutely... I don't know, it's just terrible !
Nkwc 2009-01-23 13:30:29
awesome work!! this is one of my faves fron your stream =)
anne(♥)marie 2009-01-23 13:58:36
Fantastic shot!
Seldom Scene Photography 2009-01-23 14:22:55
Wonderful work :-)
edouardv66 2009-01-23 14:36:48
this is full of grace
bass_nroll 2009-01-23 16:08:28
Just great!
S_H_ 2009-01-23 17:15:58
beautiful work
Dream Light 2009-01-23 17:50:52
Yes.. so beautiful!!!
Svam1 2009-01-23 19:52:32
Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Trésors Artistiques (By Admin Invitation) **COMMENT/AWARD 1**, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

absolutely charming shot!
entelepentele 2009-01-23 20:24:28
Sometimes I wish I was a kid again. No worries. Could just play around with my toys. Beautiful shot! :)
mazarin♥ 2009-01-23 20:54:17
This is really good!

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GenoDM 2009-01-23 21:15:49

This shot is an artistic treasure! Seen in
Trésors Artistiques
smallRaffaela (on/off) 2009-01-23 23:19:49
aww i love this.
honey from the rock 2009-01-24 00:37:23
amazing as per usual.
Jordan Chark 2009-01-24 02:01:48
Hi, I'm an admin for a group called THE DANTE CIRCLE (Admin Invite Only +10 faves), and we'd love to have this added to the group!

This shot is an artistic treasure! Seen in
Trésors Artistiques

Seen in Trésors Artistiques (By Admin Invitation) **COMMENT/AWARD 1** (?)
Maureen F. 2009-01-24 06:26:57
i'm in love with this.
flightless bird 2009-01-24 06:40:33
It's stunning Emma
labutle 2009-01-24 09:18:35
awesome reflection! i love the background too!
few frog 2009-01-24 10:35:31
this is gorgeous.
I am a Small Man 2009-01-24 11:48:43
gorgeous, I love this shot.
{ Amy } 2009-01-24 13:03:51
Lovely work...!
yusuf_alioglu 2009-01-24 19:28:06
Hi, I'm an admin for a group called FREE EARTH - FREE PEOPLES ©, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
yusuf_alioglu 2009-01-24 19:28:25
Cute shot! i love the "soft effect"
David**T 2009-01-25 02:41:07
I love the reflection!
alexander ward 2009-01-25 06:53:13
Too cool.
Yug_and_her 2009-01-25 12:52:57
cute girl
optimal voyage 2009-01-25 16:11:45
Beautiful shot
optimal voyage 2009-01-25 16:12:15
Im only sleeping 2009-01-27 13:27:53
i love how the fog added something extra special to this shot. wonderful.
feb. 2009-01-27 17:20:19
So beautiful!!
★ ♥ Pounkie ☠ † 2009-01-28 17:45:45
I love your photos!!!
amazing work!!! ligths, color and composition.
Chicojonathan 2009-01-29 03:14:46
the colors and whiteness really works here
Owlgardens 2009-01-29 07:39:15
Very Very nice.
andrewallenmoore 2009-01-29 11:22:59
I love this composition
Nesta Vazquez 2009-01-29 19:56:02
jeanine.stewart 2009-01-30 17:52:55
mel looks soo cute!!!! :D
Kana39 2009-02-01 04:17:39
Another Stunning portrait, I love the lighting, colours and tones, keep up the great work...:O))
Wonderful composition, awesome work as always...:O))
Love the reflection in the puddle...Your a creative genius my friend, I hope your having an awesome Sunday and a wonderful Weekend...:O)))
law_keven 2009-02-01 14:16:58
just love what you've done here
achuka 2009-02-01 17:50:12
This is really awesome! Colors, reflection... perfect.
chromy96 2009-02-05 06:43:49
fantastic mood
Xavier Donat 2009-02-06 02:26:29
Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Green Tea Gallery, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
Francesco Gallarotti 2009-02-08 17:45:04
this is so lovely!!!
love the whole composition
TheLinesBetween 2009-02-11 00:09:44
YOur shots really get better and better....loved your stream and still really do! :)

Seen on your photo stream. (?)
marcwiegelmann 2009-03-08 15:44:32
omg, this made me cry - u have no idea
absolutely love this shot
lopsided window 2009-03-12 00:26:46
This photo is particularly well done :)
Elsa Prinsessa 2009-04-14 22:47:15
Wow this is great! And your model looks like Laura Linney in Love Actually.
juliet espanol 2009-05-24 13:41:37
I like it!
!Res 2009-11-19 22:38:14
Snowwhite. 2010-04-01 23:21:36
Wonderful and nice shot.
MoniSu❤ 2010-10-31 22:51:30
I love the simplicity!
oracularowl 2011-02-10 02:32:10

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