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2017 D23 Expo Disney Fairytale Designer Collection Blue Fairy & Pinocchio (with Figaro, Jiminy Cricket, & Cleo) #0865/1023

2017 D23 Expo Disney Fairytale Designer Collection Blue Fairy & Pinocchio (with Figaro, Jiminy Cricket, & Cleo) #0865/1023
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Yay! So I finally met up with my dear friend that went to the 2017 D23 Expo and managed to get me some of the exclusive merchandise goodies there! The item I knew for sure that I wanted was the Disney Fairytale Designer Blue Fairy & Pinocchio doll set, and luckily my friend was able to get one for me! I got set #0865/1023.

No lie: I have never been a huge fan of Pinocchio as a character, nor is the animated film Pinocchio one of my top favorites, but Figaro the Cat is one of my most favorite Disney characters, and sure enough he was included in this set. I do like the Blue Fairy as a character, as she is quite pretty in an old Hollywood glamour/Jean Harlow sort of way.

Overall, the set is very nicely put together. The positioning of all five of the characters shows them all off well from many angles. I am sure that part of this is due to the expansion of the length and the width of the base, which allows for more space inside of the case. Pinocchio is wonderfully accurate in his wooden puppet form, with a perfect face, an articulated body, and real fabric clothing meticulously designed and embroidered. The one peculiar feature is that his hands are perhaps a little too large. Cleo and Jiminy Cricket are static figures attached to Cleo's fishbowl. Cleo is suspended up into the middle of the bowl with a careful placement of an attached stalk of seaweed, which makes her look as if she were floating in the middle of the bowl. Jiminy Cricket is edging around the bowl, looking at Cleo. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense, given the action of the scene, where the Blue Fairy is giving the gift of life to Pinocchio, but whatever.

Figaro is super adorable and very accurate to his animation design, right down to all of his color patterns, including the tan-ish color of his face with a distinguished white "mustache." He is absolutely perfect!

The Blue Fairy is indeed very lovely, but she is not without some design reproach. The positives include that she strikes a very romantic figure with her dreamy face, blonde hair, flowing soft blue gown, sparkly accents, and gossamer wings. All of these things are features that one would think of when one thinks of Disney's Blue Fairy. However, sometimes the devil is in the details. As previously mentioned, they reused the Disney Store Cinderella sculpt, and as such lacks the proper face. She looks more like Cinderella's long-lost sister instead of Jean Harlow. Her hair is too long, and as such curled in an attempt to make the right length, but the end result looks nothing like the loose, light, flowing, softly wavy tresses that the Blue Fairy has in the film. Instead, we end up two large hanging buns resting on her shoulders. I am sure someone out there can properly trim and restyle her hair to look right.

Her dress is very beautifully made. They kept to many of the Blue Fairy's original design elements: a long v-neckline gown with long sheer sleeves and a shimmery cape that connects to her wrists. The majority of the gown and the cape are made of a very soft, shimmery blue silk organza, and the sleeves are made of an even more sheer organza material. She has a full satin skirt under the outer organza layer, and a tulle petticoat underneath that. They probably could have done without the tulle petticoat in order to better replicate the silhouette of the Blue Fairy's gown in the film, which does not poof out like a fancy ballgown.

For accessories, she has a thin light blue satin ribbon hairband, a glittering rhinestone hanging belt, two rhinestone bracelets, and a silver wand. She has the fully articulated Disney Store doll body with the full bending knees and articulated ankles. They gave her light blue flats for shoes.

Her wings are an interesting design choice. In the film, the Blue Fairy's wings look a lot like wired costume wings filled in with a sheer silk fabric. This doll does not have those. They used a sheer white pleated fabric and cut them into a pair of flowy-looking wings. I have heard murmurs of discontent with this design choice, but visually they actually look good in person.

Overall, this is an excellent doll set, and I am proud to have one in my collection.
Date: 2017-08-20 08:31:41

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