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A Chance Glance.

A Chance Glance.
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During my early morning photography commitment for the last few mornings as I walked passed a certain tree my eyes would catch a sudden flash of bright colourful light. I could not find the cause and this was beginning to irk me. Because of the rapidly changing angle of the dawn light the effect would be transient I realised. I eventually sourced the cause, bear in mind that I have my back to the Sun and I am under a tree's shade, the sunlight is striking some brightly coloured toys in my neighbour's garden and there is a knothole in the wooden fence separating the toys and my lens. The resulting bokeh was a total delight to my jaundiced eye!
Date: 2018-05-13 11:21:50

Bokeh Arty

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Super light and colours. Well, that was a photographic coup! Glad your neighbours have untidy kids it's helped to produced a remarkable image. Well spotted! Sometimes splashes of light really catch the eye, but glad you followed it to source!
+Pattycake+ 2018-05-14 05:19:53

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