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3 Best Toy Brands for Children Under 5

3 Best Toy Brands for Children Under 5
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Toys are a natural part of childhood, whether it’s a train, plush, ball, or activity table. In addition to being fun for little ones, these are excellent tools for developing fine motor skills. Fortunately for parents, there are endless amounts of toys made by quite a few different brands available to purchase. While most brands have good qualities, those listed below stand out among all others for children under 5.

1. Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price is one of the leading names in toys, with thousands of options available to kids of all ages. However, much of their effort goes into creating toys for kids who are 5 and under. Many of these are a lot of fun for kids to play with but also benefit them by helping them to learn colors, letters, and numbers. For smaller kids and babies, there are toys that help them learn how to crawl, develop their fine motor skills, and simply shake around for fun.

Differentiating Fisher-Price from others is the fact that they have many branded toys for younger kids. This includes favorites such as Thomas & Friends, Mickey & Minnie, Dora the Explorer, and Bob the Builder. For little ones who have favorite cartoons, these toys tie right into their interests and make for fun play.

Many parents appreciate the fact that this brand has great customer service. When it comes to investing in toys, this can give peace of mind that their money wasn’t wasted. As for kids, they simply enjoy the fact that these are well-made toys with a lot of fun colors, flashing lights, and unique noises.

2. Hape

While Hape not be as well-known as Fisher-Price, it’s responsible for creating a lot of well-made toys that kids absolutely love. This begins with infant toys such as geometric rattles, teethers, and rocking horses that help them learn balance, shapes, and colors. Their line continues with preschool toys, which includes fun teepee tents, puppet playhouses and building sets to help them explore their imagination.

Hape toys for toddlers are excellent for learning coordination and dexterity, with puzzles, activity boxes, and blocks being some of the most popular options. What makes this brand stand out from others is the fact that the majority of toys are made out of wood. In fact, it’s the largest producer of wooden toys in the world! They make great efforts to minimize their environmental impact, making them one of the more thoughtful toy companies.

While wooden toys might not sound as exciting as those that flash lights and make noises, children actually love them. This brand offers high quality, so you can expect any toy you invest in to last for years to come.

3. Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug is a brand that encourages imaginative play through the simple design of their toys. Kids under 5 have many options, beginning with their wood toys. This includes toy trains, stacking blocks, and letter puzzles, each of which encourages learning while still having fun. For babies, there are soft learning blocks, activity books, shape sorters, and plush ball pits that introduce different colors and textures to stimulate learning.

Toddlers and older kids can let their imagination run wild with wooden food sets, art easels, floor puzzles, and activity rugs that offer hours of endless fun. This brand has separated itself from others by putting a lot of thought into how kids play and how they learn. Their priority is to create innovative toys that allow for child-led play that encourages the development of a wide variety of cognitive and social skills.

If you see a unique toy that your kid has a lot of fun with, chances are it’s a Melissa & Doug toy. This brand really does stand out for kids under 5 and is well worth investing in due to the quality.

Exploring Different Brands

While playing with your kids is a great way to bond and connect, there’s nothing wrong with investing in some fun toys. The brands above are some of the best, with more than enough options for kids under 5. Explore each one to see what they have and you’ll likely find at least a few that you’ll want to bring into your home.

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