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Corpse Bride furniture - Victor's accessories

Corpse Bride furniture - Victor's accessories
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Victor's desk is made entirely out of cardboard, and then painted. The teeny drawer knobs are seed beads. The butterflies are printed onto paper and the blue dots painted on, then one glued inside the tiny "bell jar". This was the protective piece on a "make it yourself" CD tower to support the shelf. No idea what they are actually called.

The books are card and paper, the ink well is polymer clay, the quill wire and paper.

The treasure chest is also all cardboard. The globe stand is cardboard with a small wooden bead for the globe, and a cocktail stick for the main stand.

I am in the middle of making myself a Corpse Bride themed dollhouse shadow box, using tiny keychain figures of Victor, Victoria and Emily. The are about 1/36 scale, so I found it difficult to locate any miniature furniture in the correct size.

No worries, I made it myself! All the furniture and miniatures here (with the odd exception) are made by myself, from scratch, and using cardboard or polymer clay.

All the items for this shadow box are based on the designs in Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride, taken from movie stills and the art book.
Date: 2018-05-16 20:00:34

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