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Assassin's Creed Origins pegdolls

Assassin's Creed Origins pegdolls
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As a birthday gift for Hubbie I made these peg dolls from the Asassin's Creed Origins game. It isn't his birthday at date of posting, but he never looks on here, so I'm safe! He knows about Bayek and Aya, but Khemu will be a surprise!

The wooden peg dolls have sculpted clay hair and hand painted detailing. The hair alone took about five hours, but it was worth it! These designs are based on the basic costumes in the game, as best I could translate them to such a small scale and shape. The shield is a painted wooden disc, based on the Medjay shield. In the game, Bayek's shield is more worn than this, but Hubbie assured me he wanted the basic version. Bayek's arm is supported by a wire drilled into the peg doll, and the wire extends from the hand up into the bird, Senu.Senu is 23mm tall!
Date: 2018-07-09 18:19:23

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